WeLivv’s products are found is some of the most interesting places on earth.

WeLivv + Republic.co Private Offering

For the average person, shopping for furniture online is hard, especially for mid-to-higher end products. Seeing these products in photos of the homes where they’re already being used, makes it easier. WeLivv is amassing millions of these photos, and enabling discovery and shopping of the home-furnishings within them. And, in addition to being able to access information or purchase anything you see, you can tell us what you like or don’t like along the way, so we can show you the best possible options.

We’ve developed the foundation of the platform and we have some traction with access to about 4 million curated photos and 40k products already added to our marketplace generating over $100/GMV. But perhaps even more important is the data moat which will uniquely enable image-based, refineable search, which we believe substantially improves the user experience. We expect this will be the standard for online search.

We are currently live on a capital raise of up to $1,070,000. Under the terms of Reg CF, the SEC has sought to democratize the startup investment market, giving investors a chance to invest as little as $100. The investment range on the WeLivv offering is $100 – $50,000.

WeLivv’s Republic page http://republic.co/welivv has all of the information you’d want to know, including the pitch, terms of the deal, and links to how Reg CF Venture Investing works. We believe the investment terms – and the rapid progress WeLivv has made – make this a highly attractive investment, and we welcome your interest. Please let us know asap if you’d like to know more. You can Email Jose Coreas at j@welivv.com or Chris Christo at c@welivv.com.

Check out WeLivv.com for a curated selection of home goods that cater to a variety of styles and tastes.

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